THE BLOOD TALES is a one woman theatre production, written and performed by Kate Joyner of SILVER MOON THEATRE Co. 

Directed by Palma Morena Greco

This woman one show will transport you to the depths of the mystery carried inside. Told by a witty witch with nothing to hide, she brings the depths of the dark shadow to the light of day, allowing us to alchemize to the outworn stories of woman's shame and disgust into tales of beauty and woe. 

Through this highly emotive theatre performance, you'll be guided through the terrain of the long lost feminine, where all of the too small stories will be dispelled into a cauldron of ritual and magic, giving way to the promise of a new paradigm, as seen from the Moon.

Political, provocative, sensual and revolutionary, the performance will change the way you think about menstrual blood, for ever.

"My deepest prayer is that The Blood Tales does for the blood what The Vagina Monologues has done for the vagina" Kate Joyner - Silver Moon Theatre






Dedicated to bringing the unspoken voices of the feminine to the light of day, through bold and revolutionary theatre productions.   

In love with the freedom of the stage as a cauldron for magic, mystery and the wildest expression of the human soul, it's likely that you won't come out as you went in. 

Silver Moon Theatre Co. productions are a fine blend of theatre with an undertone of ritual and magic. 

"I feel passionately about the ancient root of art as an act of creation magic that allows the performer to bring what has otherwise been left on the fringes of consciousness to the light of day. If the performance doesn't stir a revolution in the audience, it's not worth doing".

Kate's calling to the stage began when she was 7. She used to create and perform on the spot plays on her godmother's pufee. Since then her path has been a blend of psychology and art, where she has trained in the art of Gestalt Psychotherapy and Circus, Shamanic Studies and Theatre. She completed her theatre training at Laboratorio Escuela, Barcelona.